David Fulmer
It was a great party, right up to the moment when the killer
walked in the door and put a bullet into the guest of honor. So
begins Anthracite, a crime drama with the odd twist of a
homecoming story.
Fifteen years earlier, Donna Santorello and Ray Pizulski took
different paths to escape Anthracite, a dying Pennsylvania coal
town. They both ended up in Philadelphia, Donna as a high-
dollar call girl, living the fast life, and Ray as a low-rent car
thief, feeding at the bottom of the criminal ocean.
Though they both landed in the same city, they managed to
avoid each other. Until, that is, the night their paths cross at a
birthday bash for a local mobster. It’s at this party that Floyd
Cowley, the part-time hitman and full-time psychopath who
has been hired by the mobster’s rivals, chooses to put on a big
show. His plan is spoiled by two witnesses: Donna and Ray,
who are the wrong place when the fireworks begin.
They escape into the city night with Floyd in pursuit, but Ray’
s street smarts save them at every turn.  Ray lays low and then
heads for Anthracite, where he hopes to get lost. Donna’s plan
to escape the city fails comically and with little money and no
options, she gets on a bus follows Ray there. Floyd is in a
frenzy at losing his prey. With the help of a street rat named
Tony Z, he finally picks up their trail; just about the same
time that Detective Joe Nichols does the same.
For the first time since high school, Donna and Ray are back
in the hometown where she made her name as the school slut
and he as the town mutt. The trouble starts right away. Old
ghosts raise their heads, the drama swirls, and sparks fly.
As Floyd closes in on his prey, he is stalked by the hoods who
hired him and by Nichols, who wants him out of business,
once and for all. They’re all heading for Anthracite and a
twisted and violent climax.
From Shamus Award winner and LA Times Book Prize
Nominee David Fulmer, author of the acclaimed Storyville