"Best of the Shelf - 2008"
                                   -- Atlanta Magazine

“Your books can make a poor mother forget that the kids don't have
milk, the lights is off, no food , the car broke, and she ain't had a man
in months.  It  don't get no better than that .  Keep  writing. When get
a book of yours, I don't cook or move until I'm done.”
                                              --  from Leonida, a Reader

If you’re looking to get lost in a mystery, look no further. To me, the
real mystery is why David Fulmer  isn't as rich and famous as that
other guy.”
                                                                 -- Nick Tosches

“Anyone who loves African-American music as well as private eye
fiction will want to read not only 'The Blue Door,' but Fulmer's other
equally impressive novels."
                    -- Crimetime (UK)

A fine mystery indeed, set in Philadelphia in the early 60's, where a
down-and-out prizefighter is drawn into the disappearance of a young
soul singer.  It's damn good.”
          -- The Atlanta Journal & Constitution

“Shamus-winner Fulmer delivers another compelling tale of music
and murder. Fulmer excels at capturing the feel and textures of  
earlier decades, even as he moves forward in time with each novel.”  
                                                         -- Publishers Weekly

“It is Fulmer's achievement, in each of his novels, to have nailed both
the city and the music.”  
              -- The Washington Post

“Fulmer gives us the whole package: gritty characters, plot muscle, and
historical relevance.”   
        -- The Critical Mystery Tour
Listen, you!
David Fulmer's
interview om
Behind the
Black Mask
Words to Mouth

“An excellent choice for patrons who like a good dollop of music in their  mysteries.”   
                                                                                                           -- Library Journal [Starred Review]

“Mood is all here, and Fulmer nails it, the soul sounds providing the backbeat to a straight-ahead mystery involving back room
double-dealing in the record business.”       
                                               --  BookList

“If you love a mystery with some punch, David Fulmer delivers.”  
                                                                            -- Southern Living

“Philadelphia is the setting for "The Blue Door,” 1962 is the year. And with a Fulmer book, you know the beat will go on.”
                                                                                                                                                               -- The Times-Picayune

“Characters and background make this one a winner.”
                                                             -- Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“The underbelly of the short-lived Camelot era that comes to vivid life makes this a strong Philadelphia noir.”
                                                                                                                                                                    -- Mystery Gazette

“If there's any crime writer whose work should come with soundtrack CDs, it's David Fulmer.”
                                                                                                                                   -- The Thrilling Detective
Nominee - 2009 Shamus Award for Best Novel
Mystery Book News likes The Blue Door!
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