David Fulmer
Script Outlines
Where can a high-dollar call girl and a low-rent car thief go when they’re
running for their lives and need a place to hide? Home, of course, to the
same dead-end, opioid-drenched town that never wanted them there in first

"It's a Wonderful Life" with random gunfire and sex on a dining room
table. A very adult holiday drama with a mixed cast of souls lost and found.

61 South
A nineteen-year-old African American woman and a failed character in his
sixties make a curious pilgrimage down a fading national byway.

Thunder Road
When the war ends, the battle begins. Luke Doolin returns from
Afghanistan to find himself and his family caught in a vicious struggle
between the feds and a Dixie Mafia. In this remake of the 1950s B-movie
classic, it’s fast cars, a dangerous romance, and a new fight on the two-lane
blacktop called Thunder Road.

Death Don't Have No Mercy
A series of vignettes dramatizing true-life killings that became iconic
murder ballads.