In the deep darkness of a New Orleans night, two “sporting girls” are
making their weary way home when they pass a narrow passageway at the
end of Basin Street and notice something ominous: a body lying still.
When they creep in for a closer look, what they find is truly horrible.

So begins
Eclipse Alley – named for the spot where the body is discovered –
the sixth mystery in the acclaimed Storyville series by David Fulmer.

Murder is not so uncommon in 1916 in Storyville, the nation’s only legally-
sanctioned red-light district; at least on its mean and dirty back streets.
This is different; and because the crime scene is along one of the main
thoroughfares and because of the way that the body has been ravaged,
Valentin St. Cyr is summoned.

He has spent the better part of the previous ten years working the streets
of the District as a private security force in the employ of Tom Anderson,
the “King of Storyville.” Along the way, he has managed to beat back
threats to Anderson’s reign from both criminal and the official enemies.
Thought the great man’s grip is weakening, Valentin remains a fixture.
And so as the night deepens, he finds himself standing over a mutilated

He is joined by Lieutenant James McKinney, one of his few allies within
the police department and the first among what is, along with Anderson, a
fascinating cast of characters: his wife Justine, who has found skills of
her own in the detection game; Evangeline, the mystery woman who
shares their home; and the shadowy presence claiming responsibility for
the killings.

The victim turns out to be a citizen of note, and when pieces of the poor
man’s body appear in the mail, Valentin and McKinney begin tracking
down the killer. What they discover are paths through a tortured mind
that resides behind a face they cannot yet recognize.

Eclipse Alley is published by Crescent City Books.
A Valentin St. Cyr Mystery
David Fulmer
In Trade Paperback
Kindle Ebook