Fiction Shop FAQs

What skill level is required for Fiction Shop?
Any writer with solid language abilities and/or
basic narrative skills will benefit and progress.
We've had both beginners and veterans.

What materials will be required?
Something to write with and on.
Since this is a salon rather than a
classroom setting, something solid
for your notebook. Laptops are fine, too.

Will there be writing exercises?
For most classes, there will be a brief
assignment that will be due for the next class.

What about my work in progress?
Because time is limited, there will be no
extended read-and-critique sessions.
Students may use excerpts from
works in progress for assignments
and receive critiques that way.
However, there is no requirement for any
student have a book or story in the works.

What if I miss a class?
It happens. Students are welcome to contact
the instructor to work out a make-up
session prior to the next class.

Does Fiction Shop benefit non-fiction writers?
Fiction Shop works for all kinds of writers.
The elements of the course - including
creating settings, revealing characters,
working with dialogue and the narrative arc -
are extremely important in writing
non-fiction books and memoirs, too.
It's simple: the best non-fiction
writers are great storytellers, too.

Can I ask a former student about Fiction Shop?
Yes. Names and contact information
are available on request.

More questions?
Email David Fulmer