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Though written before Katrina hit, ‘Rampart Street’ eerily captures
the sense of disorientation when someone returns to a beloved place
and feels himself a stranger… the elegiac tone in which Fulmer
views the city’s fabled amusements feels sadly prescient.”
                                                       -- The New York Times

"A bittersweet trip to New Orleans… A blues-drenched pleasure."
                                         -- The Christian Science Monitor
Selected for
"Fresh Air Listeners
Best Beach Reads"

Benjamin Franklin Award
Adult Fiction [Audiobook]

Selected for New York Magazine’s  
“Best Novels You’ve Never Read”
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“The sense of place is so palpable you can almost hear the music. Fulmer’s writing is crisp and nuanced. Valentin is a hero for
whom it’s easy to cheer."
                         -- The Detroit Free Press

"St. Cyr is a great character, and the fascinating city and its larger-than-life denizens intrigue as much as the complicated plot."
                                                                                                                                                                   -- Publishers Weekly

"Fulmer  improves  with  each  outing in this ambience-drenched series, displaying a subtle touch  with human relationships,  
especially those that traverse New Orleans' fluid color line. "
                                                                          -- Booklist

“You can almost taste the gumbo…Fulmer’s languid, conversational style perfectly matches the Crescent City setting with its
complex web of murder, corruption, and betrayal.”
                                                       -- The San Francisco Chronicle

“Fulmer’s plotting is spot-on, his dialogue laden with period slang and his characters multi-faceted and interestingly motivated.”
                                                                                                                                                                                  -- BookPage
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