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Fiction Shop
"I'd been struggling getting
beyond a few chapters on a
book I wanted to write.
Fiction Shop helped me to
find focus, write strong
dialogue, and keep the
plot moving. David took a
personal interest in
everyone's story and
challenged us all to be
better writers. What a great
 -- Janet Clark
Fiction Shop is an intensive program
designed for beginning and experienced
fiction, non-fiction, and memoir writers
who want to improve and expand their skills.
The goal of
FICTION SHOP is to develop,
improve and refine the essential
components of the craft: plot and scene
structure, settings, dialogue, characters,
and the other critical narrative skills.
Class exercises and short between-class
assignments augment the learning curve.
You changed the direction of
my writing career."
      -- Kristi Weldon
Instructor David Fulmer,
The author of ten novels and
a novella, has been
nominated for a LA Times
Book Prize.a Barry Award,
and a Falcon Award, has won
the Shamus Award and the
Benjamin Franklin Award,
and was nominated for the
Shamus Award for Best
Eclipse Alley, the
sixth installment in his
Storyville series, will be
relased October 25th.
Tuesday nights
6:30 - 8:30
September 12th - October 17th
The Reading Room
at Eagle Eye Book Shop
2076 North Decatur Road
Decatur, GA  
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Class Size will be
limited to eight.
Just three of our Fiction Shop grads
Susanna Ives
Trudy Nan Boyce
Roger Johns