Joe Kelly is about to greet Christmas by sharing the best
news he's had in years with his wife Mariel and his two
children, along with a gift that Mariel has longed for since the
day they were married.
But just as he is about to present his stunning surprises, his
world is abruptly fractured, and he makes a broken-hearted
escape into a bleak winter night. In another part of town,
Nicole Weaver and her daughter Malikah find themselves
rudely cast out of their home.
At the same time, the reverend of a storefront church begins
a night of saving souls who find themselves lost in the cold
and dark. As Joe wanders the snowbound streets, his path
entwines with theirs in an evocative tale that moves from
charity to violence and back again.
When Christmas morning finally dawns, he finds that his life
has been transformed in the most fundamental way. The
funky charm of this gritty novella for adult readers is a
departure from typical holiday fare that still delivers a simple
message of hope.
Cover Photo:
Central Moravian Steeple at Sunset
by Dana Grubb
Used by Permission